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Mercer's commitment to excellence in providing innovative, high quality food products to our customers includes a commitment to making our environment healthier. Our contribution to sustainability extends beyond our day-to-day activities as we strive to become greener in both the preparation for and execution of our events. Following are a few of our green initiatives:

PARTNERING. Mercer's supports our local and regional food producers wholeheartedly with weekly shipments in the growing season from farmers and suppliers. CONSERVATION. Utilization of phosphate free detergent to launder our own aprons, chef's jackets and dish cloths. Installation of our "double wide" low flow dishwasher reduces water consumption daily. Purchases are monitored to maximize volume deliveries, reducing fuel consumption, paper towels are constructed from 100% recycled paper, food is delivered on reusable dishware, disposables and cutlery are all biodegradable and our napkins are made from 100% recycled material. GREEN THUMB. Our homegrown herbal experience includes our rooftop garden where we grow our own herbs and edible flowers, pesticide and herbicide free. COMMUNITY. We partner with innovative community outreach programs that involve local Edmonton groups and charities so we can give back and donate to those that need.